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Immerse yourself in this 4 week detox program that is designed for you to easily follow! 

You will receive educational videos documents on the following. 
  • Raw food tips, juice and water fasting education, detox your gut, home and life lessons
  • Colon cleansing using my recipe and method included
  • 50 raw food recipes and juice recipes in downloadable ebooks
  • Heavy Metal detox methods also with an ebook
  • Extensive foods list for heavy metal detox and healing gut health fast! 
  • Unlimited support within the Facebook group 
  •  Tami Jane will support and educated you about how to detox safely and effectively. 
  •  Extra video lessons - Personal Training, plant based cooking, breath work, essential oils, healing with Asea, sound healing, healing with salts all from professionals in their fields!
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What they said about the program
I found Tami J on an Inner Connect advertisement scrolling through Facebook and saw the FREE 5 day raw challenge program. I thought why not looked into it and then bought myself a cheap juicer to get me   
When I joined the program I read up on Tami's journey to what got her here. Found we had a lot of similarities in chronic illness. As I had severe chronic fatigue. Like Tami did I was willing to do anything to combat this illness and get my life back. I've been suffering from chronic fatigue for about 10 years and doctors basically said it was in my head. The past 3 years had been really bad . I had a major burnout and couldn't work anymore. 

I was bed ridden for 7 months. I thought I was dying or had cancer and doctors couldn't tell me what was wrong. But I know my body and knew it was something deeper. I had severe muscle pain every day and zero energy, even talking took energy away. I couldn't walk but could only weight bear.
 One of the worse experiences in my life. I didn't care about anything was to sick to even think. If I ever went out for dinner or a birthday I would then have to spend 4 days bed rest. I started the 5 day raw challenge group and I started too feel really good and knew I had to go deeper. So I got the face mapping done by Tami which revealed a lot and connected with me. 

So then I joined the 21day detox program and upgraded to the Full Support program and this was the best money I ever spent. I had AMAZING results. My energy, my skin, eyes, brain clarity. I had suffered from brain fog, would stutter getting my words out and memory was shocking. My weight went down pain was less. My husband was so amazed at my skin he said it was glowing every time I woke up. 

Doing the water enemas was also super fantastic journey as well, found   my bowel was not working well and very sluggish. Cleaning it was so needed.  From this journey I got my health back but also Tami helped me with deep issues buried inside with phone counselling and meditation, which was amazing, a real lift of heaviness lifted form that experience. 

I then decided to go deeper again and did a 5 day water fast and water enemas everyday. That was a whole new level experience again and an amazing journey. I made life quiet while doing this and got off all social media and totally concentrated on my self. 

From doing the water enema's I had parasites, worms come out, so many!!. These suckers took so much nutrition and energy from me and excreting toxins into my body. I now continue doing 2 to 3 litres of water everyday. My basic food diet now is raw fresh food and juicing. 

Through this journey Tami's support has been over and beyond the  expectation I had with this program. From the juice fast and water fast to the major emotional shifts that had been holding me for years. Juicing was hard in the beginning but the coach calls and emails were so supporting and right on target and in tune when you exactly need   
it. You never feel alone.  Breathing techniques was another thing I got so much out of and use this in my life everyday. Getting that oxygen right into the body and brain, and breathing out, so good, fantastic for stress. 
I now have my life back in full. I'm 39 have two teenage boys and a wonderful husband and they have me back! I now have a job! I feel alive and wont to do so much with my life now. I'm excited about me! I'm more aware of what is good for me and what is not, including people, things and food! 
If your doing this for health or just finding a better self or going to a whole new level in your life this is something you wont regret. Its an amazing experience. 
When juicing, everything in my thinking and talking was  so sharp and clear during the juicing it felt like a natural drug. 
I hope I have helped someone out there through my journey, to feel there is hope and there is help and I thank Tami J and God for putting her on my life path to have my life back and better than it ever was!! 

Colleen x

**Testimonial on reversing and healing Gastroparesis and fatigue!**
Tami, thank you for your guidance through my recent fast.
Being diagnosed with gastroparesis in one sense was a relief (finally  the doctors had an explanation for long term constipation and a lot of vomiting), but on a second hand it became an absolute conundrum. 
Gastroparesis is another way of saying my stomach muscle had become  paralysed, my body couldn’t process the food to excrete it - apparently this arrives most commonly in women in their mid/late 30s. 

The pain and nausea becomes so bad you give up on food - but the  bloating is so bad I put on weight. 
Whilst twice daily medication offered some relief, the only medical guidance I could find was to stick to white rice, white bread and small amounts of chicken - avoiding fibre at all costs. 

This was mentally exhausting for me - as someone that had loved whole foods, the approach of white food did actually stop me vomiting, but my mind was a wreck and I certainly didn’t enjoy the idea of eating. 
I was at a loss and grew scared of food given the level of sickness and pain it made me feel. 
I saw my friend who was glowing, she said she had been fasting with you, and I thought I would reach out to you for some juicing ideas to try and get greens in my body. 
So the 21 day fast began. I signed up to your online full support 21 day detox program! 
I cant lie - it was tough!! I felt even more sick at one point, but it was a relief that you were there as a partner to talk to - it can be a pretty lonely condition. 

Day 10-12 was the worst, my body started rejecting the juice, just  like it rejected food....but you encouraged me to do 
something....listen to my body. I was craving water...and so a 5 day  water fast began. Who would have thought! 
Im not sure what happened in that five days - my digestive system  received a five star holiday and my head had a break too. The pressure was off - the water fast seemed relatively easier and feeling of 
normality started to return.
Following the 21 days, you guided me back on to food and for the first time I can still listen to my body. My daily life is now intermittent fasting, I am back on a plant based whole food diet and my digestive system is working! My paralysis stomach muscles woke up!! 
I now have medication waiting as a rare back up, if for some reason the engine stalls, but I cant tell you how relieved I am to be eating again. 

By stripping back my system to its natural state, you have taught me to introduce foods one at a time and pin point when and why my system breaks down. You have educated me on high fibre foods that are too much work for my gut, you have educated me on why my system would need intermittent holidays. 
Avoiding certain whole foods is a lot more rewarding than having to  live on white rice only. 
You have also given me a bag full of tricks to kick start my system  when it wants to fail and fall asleep. 
Thank you for bringing me back to the closest sense of normal I have  been in a very long time. I appreciate how customised your approach is  to each condition, working in with medical advice but also hearing  what my body was needing when I was too sick to hear it. 

Picking me up off the floor when I wondered if I would ever be able to  stop the nausea. Today my plate is full of colourful nutrient rich foods, I am back in the kitchen experimenting and cooking - and you have taught me how to give my digestive system a regular five star holiday. All of this from the other side of the country, always available. 
Thank you.
Love CC.

(Client has requested to remain anonymous)
They say your eyes are the windows to your soul. So I wanted to share my story with my eyes. 
I did a 21 day detox back in February with the help of Tami J Woodham I didn't take too many photos on my journey but it was one of the most  amazing journeys I have taken. 

I felt amazing at the end, not only did I lose 5kilos but I learnt a life time of great habits that I can use at any time forever. 

So after a horrible few months (April) where I had a nervous break   down and got put on anti depressants and pills to help me sleep I thought it was time to pull out the detox program and clear myself of the medication that was weighing me down. 

Eye photo one the start of my journey, I was really feeling lost,  tired and lack of energy was at a low. 

With the help of some of the wonderful techniques I have learnt through the 5 day raw program the 21 day detox program and the healing day I'm happy to share photo number 2 and report I'm sleeping well and   
I'm on no medication at all.

Tami what you do is truly amazing and I want to thank you for
everything you do 💖💖💖
Love Rachel A.